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2019. DLonngi ART at Mexico City

2020. REDART at Mexico City

2020. EXDECA at Mexico City

2020. VIAF at Venice

2020. Casa Català at Val'Quirico

2020. Collectanea by Margarida Pais

On going

2020. Collectanea by Margarida Pais


2020. Louvre's Carrousel at Paris


2020. Creative GutsZine

2020. Ale Feijo's Art Gallery

2020. Art Hole Magazine UK #4

2020. The Artist Essentials' Interview


A significant majority of the pieces has been made alla prima and became fully binded sometimes coated without major impasto nor latticework. Tints and tones are often recognizable in the most recent productions.

These works are closer to the ephemeral experience than to traditional last generational durable pieces. In the costs, periodical restoration can be included; specially allover Alligator Skinning paintings and the emulsified. All canvas is fully primed.

Any work can be shipped worldwide (unframed) at your expense. Dimensions are given in centimeters. Almost any work can be acquired as a serialized lithography.



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Mexico - SBH - Paris

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